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Dissection "Starless Aeon" video

Dissection "Starless Aeon" video

Svenske Dissection udgiver, som nævnt i en tidligere nyhed, albummet "Reinkaos". I denne forbindelse har bandet lagt videoen "Starless Aeon" på nettet.

Frontmand Jon Nödtveidt kommenterer:
"For the making of the video to Starless Aeon, the first song from Reinkaos to become visual, DISSECTION explore a special filming technique, shooting scenes backwards, with the band literally having to perform their music and sing the lyrics backwards. The filmed sequences have then ultimately been reversed again, with an original backwards sequence playing forwards in sync with the album version of the song. The visual result appears rather sick and disturbing, and like the rest of the video, very dark."

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"...The snake will completely

"...The snake will completely devour itself putting an end to the cycle of time..."

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