Cruachan søger nyt pladeselskab

Cruachan søger nyt pladeselskab

Cruachen er for nyligt blevet færdige med at master deres nye udgivelse "The Morrigan's Call".

Udgivelsen indeholder disse numre:

01. Shelob
02. The Brown Bull of Cooley
03. Coffin Ships
04. The Great Hunger
05. The Old Woman in the Woods
06. Ungoliant
07. The Morrigan's Call
08. Teir abhail Ru
09. Wolfe Tone
10. The Very Wild Rover
11. CuChulainn
12. Diarmuid and Grainne

Dog ser det sådan ud, at deres pladeselskab lukker. Keith Fay skriver:

"I received a phone call from Black Lotus [Records] today (18th May) saying they are ending and all bands are being released. As of now, CRUACHAN are without a label!!!! We have a fantastic new album ready to be released; we just need a good label to get in touch. All artwork is ready so record labels, please email me at"

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