Astral Doors med ny skive

Astral Doors med ny skive

Svenske Astral Doors er kommet med følgende udmelding:

"It's about time that we give you all a real update of what's happening in the Astral Kingdom at the moment.

We've received many mails from worried fans asking us where we are and why it's so quiet from us right now. Well, the answer is: we're working harder than ever before, but not public.

We have actually moved into the studio, writing and recording songs for the upcoming album. We have written 20 songs ot something at the moment and more will come. The creativity has never been at this level before, so we will continue the work a few more months before we go to mixing.

What more to say? Well, our new management Flying Dolphin, with Mr.Chris Boltendahl in the lead, does a great job for us and we feel that the future looks very, very promising. In August we'll come up with a big surprise for you and then a new album and a great tour all across Europe.

So, there you have it: the present and the future of Astral Doors!

In Rock We Trust,

/The Band"

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