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Dato Koncert Spillested Anmeldelse
- Wacken Open Air 2022: All Hail The Yeti, As I Lay Dying, Angel Witch, Arch Enemy, At The Gates, m.fl.
- Wacken Open Air 2021: Judas Priest, Moonspell, Hämatom, Dropkick Murphys, As I Lay Dying, m.fl. Aflyst
- Wacken Open Air 2020: Judas Priest, Amon Amarth, Sodom, Mercyful Fate, Hypocrisy, m.fl. Aflyst
Onslaught, Mors Principium Est, No Return, Blaakyum
- Obituary, Grave, Malevolent Creation, Hail Of Bullets, Artillery, Onslaught, Panzerchrist, The Burning, Suidakra, Debauchery, The Interbeing
AnoxiA, Memorial, Onslaught