Cor Vacante


Cor Vacante - Amygdala

Solid debut fra spændende Cor Vacante


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Dato Koncert Spillested Anmeldelse
Death to Aarhus Vol. V: Death To Seattle, Fordærv, Cor Vacante
- Viborg Metal Festival 2020: Memoriam, Herezy, Stormwarrior, ORM, Cor Vacante, m.fl.
Bhaal Fest V: Cor Vacante, Murder Among Kings, Owl King
Cor Vacante
Caustic, Cor Vacante, Fears Unfolding
The Petulant, Cor Vacante, Thunderwhip
- Mono Goes Metal Festival 2016: Death Rides a Horse, Cor Vacante, Expatriated, Beyond the 9th, Seed of Heresy, m.fl.
Cor Vacante