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In Flames - Foregone
Twilight Force - At The Heart Of Wintervale
Beyond The Black - Beyond The Black
Oceans - Hell Is Where The Heart Is
Threshold - Dividing Lines
Therion - Leviathan II
Watain - The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain
Cabal - Magno Interitus
Avantasia - A Paranormal Evening with the Moonflower Society
Lamb of God - Omens
Venom Inc. - There's Only Black
Behemoth - Opvs Contra Natvram
Fallujah - Empyrean
Machine Head - Øf Kingdøm and Crøwn
Blind Guardian - The God Machine
Soulfly - Totem
Soilwork - Övergivenheten
The Halo Effect - Days Of The Lost
Belphegor - The Devils
Conjurer - Páthos
Horizon Ignited - Towards The Dying Lands
Kreator - Hate Über Alles
Ibaraki - Rashomon
Septicflesh - Modern Primitive
Decapitated - Cancer Culture
Vein.fm - This World Is Going To Ruin You
Earthless - Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons
Sabaton - The War To End All Wars
Immolation - Acts Of God
Hangman's Chair - A Loner
Battle Beast - Circus Of Doom
Hypocrisy - Worship
Fit For An Autopsy - Oh What The Future Holds
Obscura - A Valediction
Beast in Black - Dark Connection
Ghost Bath - Self Loather
Khemmis - Deceiver
Exodus - Persona Non Grata
Cradle of Filth - Existence Is Futile
Blood Red Throne - Imperial Congregation
Ministry - Moral Hygiene
Carcass - Torn Arteries
Enslaved - Caravans To The Outer Worlds
MØL - Diorama
Carnifex - Graveside Confessions
Sepultura - Sepulquarta
The Night Flight Orchestra - Aeromantic II
Helloween - Helloween
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - The Divine Horsemen
Light The Torch - You Will Be The Death Of Me