Target November

Listenable Records


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Berzerker Legion - Obliterate the Weak
Crisix - Against the Odds
Skyclad - Forward into the Past
Crisix - From Blue to Black
Izegrim - The Ferryman's End
Panzerchrist - The 7th Offensive
The Amenta - Flesh is Heir
New Keepers of the Water Towers - Cosmic Child
The Omega Experiment - The Omega Experiment
Supuration - Cube 3
Sybreed - God is an Automaton
Zonaria - Arrival of the Red Sun
Waylander - Kindred Spirits
Gorod - A Perfect Absolution
My Dynamite - My Dynamite
Sticky Boys - This is Rock'n'Roll
Gorod - Gorod
Coldworker - The Doomsayer's Call
Electric Mary - III
Tornado - Amsterdamn, Hellsinki
Sarah Jezebel Deva - The Corruption of Mercy
Tormented - Rotten Death
SerpentCult - Raised By Wolves
Panzerchrist - Regiment Ragnarok
Heavenwood - Abyss Masterpiece
Vile - The New Age Of Chaos
Hate - Morphosis
Scarve - Luminiferous
Exhumed - Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated
Gojira - The Ways Of All Flesh
Theory In Practice - Colonizing The Sun
Non Human Level - Non Human Level
Marionette - Enemies
Aborted - Goremageddon
Hate - Anaclasis - A Haunting Gospel Of Malice And Hatred
The Red Shore - Unconsecrated
Amaran - Pristine In Bondage
Anorexia Nervosa - The September EP
Sybreed - The Pulse of Awakening
Scarve - Irradiant
The Legion - Revocation
Incantation - Primordial Domination
Textures - Polars
Submission - Failure To Perfection
Koldborn - The Uncanny Valley
Soilwork - The Early Chapters
Textures - Drawing Circles
Hate - Awakening The Liar
Mors Principium Est - Liberation = Termination
Jigsore Terror - World End Carnage