Turisas arbejder på kommende album

Turisas arbejder på kommende album

Ifølge bandets website, er Turisas begyndt arbejdet på det tredje album i Sound Supreme Studio, Hämeenlinna, Finland. Selv samme studie hvor bandet indspillede de to forrige album. Der er endnu ikke fastsat en endegyldig dato for udgivelsen, dog lover bandet at albummet udkommer senere på året.

Sangskriver Mathias Nygård udtaler:

"After a nine-month break from touring to be able to fully focus on songwriting, we've finally moved forward and have now started recording. It's going to be a long project, and keep us busy all the way until the break of summer, but believe me, the wait will be all worth it. With three years between albums, there's been enough of time to find a fresh angle and new ideas not to repeat ourselves or albums we've done in the past. The songs rock big time, but the epic elements aren't going anywhere - it's going to sound larger than ever before. The leap forward is going to be just as big as between Battle Metal and The Varangian Way. "

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