Stream hele Murder Therapy's debut album

Stream hele Murder Therapy's debut album

Det italianske death metal band Murder Therapy har lagt hele deres debut album "Symmetry Of Delirium" ud på bandets MySpace side.

Bandet forklare her hvorfor de har valgt at streame albummet gratis:

"With the coming of a new year we decided to take another step in doing things our way. We have uploaded our entire album, hoping it will stay online a long time. We know we are not the first band to do this, and will not be the last, although most of the time albums are streamed only for a limited promotional time. We want to use this blog to be clear about what we are doing. There are certain beliefs about the music/internet relationship that we think don't make sense anymore.

To think that downloading an album equals a failure in selling it is madness. Thinking that streaming an entire album could demotivate its purchase is absurd (unless the album is really bad, eh eh). Having the listener find somewhere else (blogspots, Torrents, P2P..) a "preview" of the entire album, instead of having the band present it is nonsense.

So, in the attempt of taking back what is ours and present it to our listeners in the way we think is right, we decided to leave our entire album "Symmetry of Delirium" online. If you think our music is interesting listen to it here and maybe tell us what you think about it, it will be more than appreciated. And if you feel like supporting Murder Therapy, grab our merch online, in a store or at our concerts... now!"

"Symmetry Of Delirium" trackliste:

01. The Scourge
02. Extra-Ordinary Perfect Machine
03. Staring At The Zodiac
04. Tales Of The Bizarre
05. Equilibrium
06. Two Shots In Colebrook
07. Hidden In Lies
08. Asymmetry
09. Delirium

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