Solomateriale fra Atheist sanger/guitarist online.

Solomateriale fra Atheist sanger/guitarist online.

Kelly Schaefer, sanger/guitarist i bandet Atheist (Der er i fuld gang med at indspille deres nye studiealbum) har offentliggjort følgende update på myspace:

"After a year's worth of shredding and writing non-stop Atheist metal, in the last 10 weeks I wrote a bunch of tunes that are very far from metal. They are just sketches with friends, but for those with an open mind, I welcome you to check them out and your feedback is welcome. They are just demos, and mostly acoustic, don't bitch at me about it, haha.

I have plenty of metal for you all when this Atheist record hits, and recording starts July 5th, but for now something different. A calm before the storm perhaps.

Kelly Shaefer & Friends is the new site where I will post all of these new collabs with piano players, sax and cello players and all my friends who enjoy writing music of many different colors. I do plan on making an albums worth of material in 2012 that will be a "Kelly" record, and it will be all over the place style-wise."

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