Nyt fra Six Feet Under

Så er der lidt nyt fra Chris Barnes:

“Just want to fill you all in...this new CD is fully mixed and mastered and after an all night session at the Hit Factory, finishing the mix and then a drive back to Tampa yesterday from Miami at 4am, only to start a photo session with Joe Giron starting yesterday at 11am and finishing up last nite at 9pm, I am sitting here right now cranking the fucking shit out of this motherfucker. It's full on brutal death metal guys -I mean heavy as fuck! The title track is on right now--this is the first CD I've done in a long time - probably since max violence - that I'm just freaking out on. I don't know how we put this together, but we did and it's really, really incredible. Just had to share that with you this new CD will rip your fucking heads off. That's a promise! Later, Barnes"

Titlen på albummet er "13", og her er et par af track titlerne:

Decomposition of the Human Race
Somewhere in the Darkness
The Poison Hand

Skiven forventes på gaden til marts næste år.

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