Shining: "The One Inside" - "Live on Location"

Shining: "The One Inside" - "Live on Location"

Shining optager en række video som alle er optaget hvor bandet nu-engang-må-være. Bandets frontfigur Jørgen Munkeby fortæller om konceptet "Live on Location":

“We’ve always thought that some of our best shows have come from venues and festivals where things were totally out of control. It’s when the local crew tells you that “you don’t need a DI on guitar", when the monitor guy refuses to turn any more knobs, and when your amp breaks down in the first song – it’s in times like these that you often play your best gigs! The bout against your surroundings brings out the fighter in you, hell-bent on proving that the equipment does not get to decide over the music. We wanted to put ourselves in these situations and film it, believing that this would add an extra edge to the performance that I feel is missing in many of today’s music videos."

Videoen "The One Inside" er optaget i Mojaveørkenen i det sydvestlige USA.

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