Otep : Nyt pladeselskab og ny musik


Der arbejdes på et nyt album, som udkommer i løbet af næste år.

Frontkvinde Otep Shamaya siger i forbindelse med skiftet til Napalm Records:

“Signing with Napalm Records is one of the most exciting alliances I’ve ever made. I haven’t felt this excited to write a new album since Seveas TraThere’s a lot of work to do, a lot of music to write, a lot of things to say, a lot of injustices to confront and a lot of madness to summon and capture.  To be able to forge this sacred alchemy with the dark brilliance of producer Howard Benson (som blandt andet har prodcuceret for Motörhead /Red.) is a dream come true.”


Demetri Benoist fra Napalm Records A&R (Artist & Repertoire /red.) siger om det at skrive kontrakt med et band som Otep:

"Beyond excited to be working with such a polarizing artist who stands for something and is not afraid to speak their mind.  This is a new beginning in Otep's history and Napalm Records is committed to making it the most successful!  Let the Otep revolution begin”

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