Ny forsanger i Agathodaimon

Ny forsanger i Agathodaimon

Agathodaimon har endelig fundet en ny frontmand og kommer med denne udtalelse på deres hjemmeside:

"After lots of rehearsals and a long search, we finally can confirm and hereby present our new vocalist Chris "Ashtrael" Bonner

Amongst the candidates during the past weeks, he was the one that really convinced us with his motivation, attitude and, of course, his awesome voice!

During the next weeks, we'll be working together on the vocal lines for the songs of our upcoming album, entilted "Phoenix", as well as the setlist/rehearsals for the next gigs. We can't wait to enter the stage again! More info about coming gigs soon, but if you're meanwhile interested in getting to know more about Ashtrael,
have a look at his profile on our website."

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