Dødsfald i Zimmers Hole

Dødsfald i Zimmers Hole

Zimmers Hole guitarist Jed Simon udtaler følgende på bandets MySpace hjemmeside omhandlende den tidligere guitarist Chris Stanleys dødsfald:

"I don't know where or how to start... other than to say we are all deeply saddened at the loss of one of our own, Chris Stanley. Chris is a Zimmers Hole alumni, he played guitar for us during the "Legion Of Flames" era, and more zany moments occurred when he was around than I care to try and remember. He has had a long battle with the many complications, and the day-to-day life battles with Cystic Fibrosis, Pneumonia (many times), a double lung transplant and the myriad of issues that arise with that. He has battled back so many times, and it just crushes our hearts that he couldn't pull through this time.

Here are some words from me... I know the other guys will agree with me on all this stuff. They may want to write their own thoughts in the coming days. With unbelievable sadness, we've lost another soldier. Chris Stanley, fuck... as I type this it all seems too unreal to me, but I know better. It's going to hurt even more, soon. Chris has been a friend to me for over 20 years. He's been a friend, a mentor, and a peer. He was one talented motherfucker, that's for sure. Add to that, funny - that guy could get a crowd onto a frenzy of laughter... a certain moment from the Dynamo festival and Chris acting a little too retarded comes to mind. Add to that, whipcrackin' smart... he KNEW shit.

What he has left is a legacy of music, laughter, artwork and special effects, movie props, funny pictures, not funny pictures, nuns running scared everywhere, and more stuff than I could ever get into here. But it's all in my head, and it will all never be forgotten. I MISS YOU SO MUCH ALREADY CHRIS.

To Scarlet, his wife, and to all of his family, my condolences... I know how much he meant to me, I can't begin to imagine how much he meant to you. All my love.

My trusty old Gibson flying V has your flames on it... they will always be there bro... and every time I look at that guitar(as I am right now), or pick it up and hammer the fuck out of it, you are with me Chris. With Horns Higher than I've ever Held them, I love ya man. We all fuckin love ya man. Wherever you go from here brother, I know that you will raise the bar, and a few eyebrows... heavenly or otherwise."

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