Candlemass igenigendannet

Candlemass er gendannet efter for kort tid siden at have meddelt at de ville gå fra hinanden for altid. Mainman Leif Edling fortæller:

"I had a bunch of pretty cool songs, talked to Mappe quite a lot during the summer and we both agreed it would be stupid not to do anything with it. At Mappe's wedding in August we all went up on a small stage and performed 'Samarithan' and 'Solitude' with pink guitars plus a really shitty sound. We were all absolutely drunk and we had suits and everything on us, but it was great fun!! I think it was that occasion that made us reconsider."

"Shortly after, I started to roughly demo some new tracks. I think I like did five tracks in a couple of weeks with a friend helping out. Then we had a meeting and decided to resurrect Candlemass, book the studio, and send out a three-song demo to the record companies a.s.a.p. So we recorded 'Black Dwarf' and 'Spellbreaker' and put 'Witches' from the previous demo on it and I think the demo is on the way to the labels right now actually."

"Yes, we have two weeks in Polar booked without a deal, ha-ha!! But I'm not worried. I'm sure some smart label guy realize that a new Candlemass album can outsell most of the usual crap that is released today. We are a unique band with a unique sound and next summer will belong to Candlemass!"