Blues Pills: Trackliste for kommende debut

Blues Pills: Trackliste for kommende debut

Vintage og retro bandet Blues Pills er på vej med bandets meget hypede debutalbum. Nu er trackliste offentliggjort og albummet vil bla. indeholde et Chubby Checker-covernummer.

Om Chubby Checker-covernunmmeret fortæller bandet:

"It's a song everyone in the band liked and we used to play it on our soundcheck. Slowly it worked itself into our set list, and now it's going to be on our debut album as well. Back in the days lots of bands covered each other to honor the other artist, and they did it with their own touch on it. Some examples are, Jimi Hendrix 'All Along the Watchtower', Janis Joplin 'Tell Mama', 'Summertime' and 'Ball and Chain', or Joe Cocker 'With a Little Help From My Friends', everyone was doing it with the right reason. For us, we want to honor Chubby Checker and also bring it back to life by doing the cover version the Blues Pills way. Hopefully people like both versions and, yeah, it's just a killer tune.“

Blues Pills tracklist:

  1. High Class Woman
  2. Ain't No Change
  3. Jupiter
  4. Black Smoke
  5. River
  6. No Hope Left For Me
  7. Devil Man
  8. Astral Plane
  9. Gypsy (Chubby Checker cover)
  10. Little Sun