Studio update fra Leverage

Studio update fra Leverage

Leverage har givet os følgnede studio update:

"June 15th - June 17th, 2009

Well, finally we got around to record my bass parts. Originally, I was supposed to record those at the beginning of June, but my I broke my back recently and it just wasn't healed enough to play bass then. This time we recorded straight to line which meant that my Ampeg-mountain was not needed. I played all the bass parts with my trusted and excellent G&L 2500-bass.

This time (as usual) bass parts were recorded under the supervision of Tuomas Heikkinen while Jari Mikkola took care of engineering and additional guidance. Torsti took care of vacationing... :)

On the first day I played 4 songs composed by Tuomas. He orchestrated those sessions with Zappa-like toughness giving helpful tips and guidelines about my playing regarding some nyances etc. Jari also was another helpful pair of ears during those sessions.

During the 2nd day we focused on 3 songs, 2 by Torsti and one co-written by Torsti and Tuomas, so all in all, we recorded 7 songs during those 2 days. That's a quite lot, but not as much as the legendary Motown-bassist James Jamerson recorded at his best... :) For one particular song we didn't record the bassparts this time, because those were recorded with Mr. Michael Wagener a couple of years ago. (ed.note: Japan bonus-track)

Despite my back problems, I managed to play the bass parts without too much trouble. Unfortunately, the doctors noticed 3 new fractures on my back after these bass-sessions... I hope they will heal soon and I can't wait to play those new songs for you guys live!

best regards,
Pekka L.

Det er muligt at se de studio optagelser fra henholdsvis vokal, guitar og bass indspilningerne. Følg blot linket

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