Stream hele The Few Against Many's debut album

Stream hele The Few Against Many's debut album

"Sot" er navnet på debut albummet fra Christian Älvestam's sideprojekt The Few Against Many. Albummet er lagt ud på nettet til fri streaming, men kun frem til den 13 september. Følg kildelinket for at lytte til det.

Albummet er sat til at udkomme den 15 september via Pulverised Records.

"Sot" track listing:

01. Hädanfärd 02. Bränd Mark 03. Blod 04. Skapelsens Sorti 05. Sot 06. Abider 07. Heresi 08. One With The Shadow

Christian selv udtaler følgende: "It's a great honor and privilege to once again work with my good friend Roy Yeo and his Pulverised Records. We have known each other for almost 12 years now, through our past work together with UNMOORED and QUEST OF AIDANCE, so it feels very much like coming home in a way. We are very happy and excited to see where this re-established cooperation can lead us as a team!"

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