Det danske blackened death-thrash band GRIMMTHURS udgav en EP her d. 1/5-2013 med fem numre på:

1. Morgengry
2. LSH
3. Pleasure Incarnate
4. Faeton
5. Repent

Pressen skrev:

“Drawing inspiration from old school death, thrash, and black metal, the self-titled EP from the Danish collective known as Grimmthurs is a short, satisfying, and devastating blow to the face that should leave most extreme metal enthusiasts begging for more." (J-Man, Metal Music Archives)

“The band now have ready a 5 song EP that fully displays their love of death metal, black metal, thrash, doom, and traditional heavy metal. One might think that with so many stylistic influences, the music might lack focus, but that is far from the case with Grimmthurs. The band ... have fully engaged & absorbed these styles, which gives each of these songs a menacing, dramatic flavor." (Peter Pardo, Sea of Tranquility)

EPen kan anskaffes på Bandcamp:

Og den er også tilgængelig i adskillige netshops, som iTunes, Amazon, Play, eMusic m.fl. samt på Spotify. Klik på nedenstående link for mere information on tilgængelighed.

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