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Burden of Grief: Nyt album på vej

Burden of Grief: Nyt album på vej

Tyske dødsmetallere Burden of Grief fejre 20 års jubilæum og annoncere et nyt album, "Unchained" som udkommer i juli via Massacre Records.

"We will celebrate our 20th anniversary! That’s a goddamn long time, and we never ever thought to survive 2 decades. But we did - and to get little bit sentimental - we did it pretty good in our opinion: 5 records and hundreds of shows all over Europe. But much more important for us is the view ahead. We will celebrate our 20th anniversary with a brand new record!"

Coveret er udført af Gustavo Sazes - som tidligere har arbejdet sammen med Legion Of The Damned, Elysion, Arch Enemy og Sonic Syndicate

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