Alex Skolnick udgiver soloalbum

Alex Skolnick

Alex Skolnick har udgivet sit første soloalbum. Testament guitaristen har tidligere udgivet jazz sammen med bandet Alex Skolnick Trio, men har nu også et soloalbum parat. Albummet er kaldt `Planetary Coalition´ og udkom den 11. november. 

Albummet er primært akustisk, og tager afsæt i en lang række stilarter fra Mellemøsten, Asien, Middelhavet, Balkan og Afrika. 
Alex Skolnick fortæller om albummet, som er finaniseret vha crown funding :

"It's a bit of an ambitious project, and it's going to be my first crowd-funded project, but basically it's going to be my first acoustic album, my first world music album, and it'll have some electric as well. But that's just the musical side of it. I've already written some music for it and recorded it with some great local musicians, including Max Z.T. and violinist Rachel Golub. Depending on how things go, the goal will be to involve musicians from all over the world, from different cultures and regions, and to write music around them, collaborate with them, and eventually have a social component too, where we actually tell the story of some of these regions — the untold story from their perspective, including slide shows, video, etc. It's a vision I've had for a while now, and the few times I've performed the music, the response has been very good". 

"Planetary Coalition" tracklist:
01. Island In the Sky
02. Salto
03. Passage to Pranayama
04. Taksim Square
05. Playa La Ropa
06. Django Tango
07. Old World Dance
08. Alla La'Ke
09. Back To the Land
10. Mojito
11. Rock of Ramallah
12. Negev Desert Sunset
13. Return of the Yi People
14. Sleeping Gypsy

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