Scarlet Records


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Thy Majestie - Jeanne D'Arc
Slowmotion Apocalypse - Obsidian
Allhelluja - Breath Your Soul
Broken Arrow - Abyss Of Darkness
Heimdall - Hard As Iron
Requiem - Requiem Forever
DGM - Different Shapes
HateSphere - Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Black
Necrodeath - Ton(e)s Of Hate
Skylark - Wings
Disarmonia Mundi - Fragments Of D-Generation
Oracle Sun - Deep Inside
Olympos Mons - Medievil
Invocator - Through The Flesh To The Soul
Seven Seraphim - Believe In Angels
Odyssea - Tears In Floods
Vision Divine - The Perfect Machine
Demia - Insidious
Blinded Colony - Divine
Raza De Odio - La Nueva Alarma
Frequency - When Dream And Fate Collide
Malfeitor - Unio Mystica Maxima
Manticora - Hyperion
Arachnes - Primary Fear
DGM - Misplaced
Bloodshot - Ultimate Hatred
Shaaman - Immortal
Divine Souls - The Bitter Selfcaged Man
Cadaveria - Far Away From Conformity
Damned Nation - Sign Of Madness
Necrodeath - 100% Hell
Necrodeath - Draculea
HateSphere - Bloodred Hatred
Dark Avenger - X Dark Years
The Provenance - How Would You Like To Be Spat At
Subzero - The Suffering Of Man
Spice And The RJ Band - The Will
Diabolical - A Thousand Deaths
Terror 2000 - Slaughter In Japan - Live 2003
Lords Of Decadence - Cognitive Note Of Discord
Disarmonia Mundi - Mind Tricks
Extrema - Tension At The Seams
Node - Sweatshops
Thy Majestie - X Dark Years
Allhelluja - Inferno Museum
Allhelluja - Pain Is The Game
Extrema - The Positive Pressure (Of Injustice)
Terror 2000 - Faster Disaster
Dragonhammer - Time For Expiation
Slowmotion Apocalypse - My Own Private Armageddon