Stream ny sang fra amerikanske The Red Chord

Stream ny sang fra amerikanske The Red Chord

Amerikanske The Red Chord har lagt et nyt nummer ud på deres MySpace side. Nummeret hedder "Demoralizer" og stammer fra det kommende album "Fed Through The Teeth Machine". Albummet er sat til at udkomme den 27 oktober via Metal Blade Records. Følg kildelinket for at lytte til "Demoralizer" .

Mike "Gunface" McKenzie siger følgende om nummeret: ""Demoralizer" kind of sums up what the record is about. It's aggressive and fast with some darker melodic parts. Probably one of the angriest-sounding songs we've recorded, which fits the records vibe".

"Fed Through The Teeth Machine" Trackliste:

01. Demoralizer 02. Hour Of Rats 03. Hymns And Crippled Anthems 04. Embarrassment Legacy 05. Tales Of Martyrs And Disappearing Acts 06. Floating Through The Vein 07. Ingest The Ash 08. One Robot To Another 09. Mouthful Of Precious Stones 10. The Ugliest Truth 11. Face Area Solution 12. Sleepless Nights In The Compound

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