Six Feet Under - Slayer cover streaming online

Six Feet Under - Slayer cover streaming online

Six Feet Under har lagt deres cover af Slayers "At Dawn They Sleep" ud til fri streaming på bandets MySpace side.
Nummeret kommer til at optræde på den kommende skive "Graveyard Classics 3" som er sat til at udkomme d.19 januar 2010.

Her er hvad Chris Barnes selv siger om covernummeret: "We chose the track "At Dawn They Sleep" to be the first single off Graveyard Classics 3. We've wanted to do a Slayer song for a while and lots of our fans have been requesting that we do a Slayer song as well; "At Dawn They Sleep" really seemed like it would lend itself to our style. And, to be honest, I've always preferred the early Slayer stuff, Hell Awaits and prior. I think the production and song structure of their early recordings are raw and in your face, in a very dynamic way, and that's the type of band SFU is, so it seemed to fit on a bunch of different levels."

"Graveyard Classics 3" Trackliste:

01. A Dangerous Meeting [Mercyful Fate cover]
02. Metal On Metal [Anvil cover]
03. The Frayed Ends Of Sanity [Metallica cover]
04. At Dawn They Sleep [Slayer cover]
05. Not Fragile [Bachman-Turner Overdrive cover]
06. On Fire [Van Halen cover]
07. Pounding Metal [Exciter cover]
08. Destroyer [Twisted Sister cover]
09. Psychotherapy [The Ramones cover]
10. Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck [Prong cover]

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