Meget andet end stinkende fødder...

De canadiske maniacs, Strapping Young Lad, udgiver d. 15. november deres allerførste DVD. "For Those Aboot To Rock (Live At The Commodore)" udkommer gennem Century Media og kommer ikke til at koste mere end en CD.

01. Dire [Intro]
02. Consequence
03. Relentless
04. Rape Song
05. Home Nucleonics
06. S.Y.L.
07. In The Rainy Season
08. Devour
09. Aftermath
10. Oh My Fucking God
11. Force Fed
12. Detox
13. All Hail The New Flesh
14. Far Beyond Metal

- "Relentless" og "Detox" videoer
- Interviews med band og crew

Af relaterede nyheder, kan det nævnes, at SYL netop er gået i Armoury Studios, Vancouver, for at indspille opfølgeren til 2002 udgivelsen, "SYL". Devin Townsend checker ind med flg. studie rapport:

"Here's a heads up from the Dev, speaking on behalf of the STRAPPING
camp. We recently put in a long touring year and we all went through
many changes as a result. We took this year for everyone to get their
shit together on a personal and business level and really analyzed what
it was about, what SYL represents that makes it (to us) so powerful.

We toured with Meshuggah last year, and everyone really connected. Gene
Hoglan (Death, Testament) and I saw the musical connection established
by those guys and really wanted to see if we could finally do the same.
It seems the more shit you get over and out into the open in terms of a
band relationship, the more you realize that the only job we have to do
and do well is rock. And not in a 'group hug, lets all hold hands and
pray' kind of way, but more to do with the fact that we spend a fuck of
a lot of time together, not discussing something as trivial as maybe
somebody's stinky feet.

Christian and Raymond (Fear Factory) seemed to mirror this connection
when we met up with them during the writing of their latest album, and
it got Gene and I thinking...'why don't we explore the freaks within'
and try to make something really unique. And thus, after 7 months of
preparation, we have finally started recording what we think of as being
a new chapter in the SYL evolution..."