Koncerter og festivaler

Dato Koncert Spillested Anmeldelse
Defecto, Wasted
Defecto, Wasted
Defecto, Wasted
- Nifelheim, Tribulation, Absu, Diamond Head, Quartz, Artillery, Beheaded, Attic, Witch Cross, Venefixion, Childrenn, Assassins Blade, Wasted, Lipid, Turbocharged, Hellsodomy, Silhouette, Death Rides a Horse, Steel Inferno, Engulfed, Vomit Angel, Ligfærd, Hadron, The Tombless, Scent Of Pain, ORM
Theory, Downfall, Wasted
- Heavy Agger Metal Festival 2017: Bömbers, Them, Evil Invaders, Witch Cross, Soulburn, m.fl.
Turbocharged, Wasted
Wasted, Evil Masquerade
Slough Feg, Wasted
Artillery, Wasted, Caro
Heavy Agger All-Day Metal 2015: CroCell, Deus Otiosus, Impalers, Wasted, CinKaiD, m.fl.
Czar, Metal Cross, Prevail, The Kandidate, Wasted
Chainfist, Wasted, Release Maltese Falcon