Nyt fra negleskibet

Nyt fra negleskibet

Svenske black metallere Naglfar er p.t. i studiet for at optage opfølgeren til den kritikerroste "Pariah". På bandets side skriver de:

"So we've finally finished writing and arranging all the songs, and the drums for the album has been recorded at the Toontrack studio here in Umeå. Now the time has come to start recording the guitars, which shouldn't turn out to be any problem. The title of the album has been set to be 'Harvest', and will tentatively include the following attacks of audial terror:

01. Into the Black
02. Prayer of Cain
03. The Way of the Rope
04. Harvest
05. Feeding Moloch
06. The Mirrors of My Soul
07. Wargod
08. Plutonium Reveries
09. Odium Generis Humani

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