Anti-Mortem: Amerikansk southern rock & heavy metal

Anti-Mortem: Amerikansk southern rock & heavy metal

Det amerikanske hardrock band Anti-Mortem udkommer med deres debut den 25. april kaldt »New Southern«.. Fra albummet er der udgivet en video: "Hate Automatic" som kan ses på kildelinket.

Hvad snakker vi om for en størrelse...? Ifølge pressematerialet er der tale om...: "southern rock & heavy metal and driven by a hunger to make an impact. The band dole out bottom-heavy and groove-laden anthems with every track and infuse a modern sense of melody that is the signature trademark of all the metal greats they've learned from."

Tracklist: 01. Words Of Wisdom 02. New Southern
 03. 100% Pure American Rage 04. Hate Automatic
 05. Black Heartbeat
 06. I Get Along With The Devil
 07. Path To Pain
 08. Wake Up
 09. Ride Of Your Life
 10. Stagnant Water (music video here)
 11. Truck Stop Special
 12. Jonesboro

 13. A Little Too Loose (MR. BIG cover)

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