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CroCell, Baest, Prevail, Wrath of Belial
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- MONO GOES METAL Festival 2017: Sunless Dawn, Rising, Cabal, Iotunn, Hola Ghost, UxDxS, , SKOGEN Læs reportage

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Dato Koncert
Caro, Phrenelith, Telos, Hadron
- Mono Goes Metal Festival 2016: Death Rides a Horse, Cor Vacante, Expatriated, Beyond the 9th, Seed of Heresy, By the Patient, Sorrows Path , Serpents Lair
The Arcane Order, Église, Møl, The Tombless
- Mono Goes Metal 2015: Pet the Preacher, Iniquity, Huldre, All Trays For Venom, Seven Thorns, The Powergloves, Fossils, Silhuette, Smothered
Solbrud, Drab
Battery, Velociter
Mono Goes Metal Festival 2014: Crocell, Eldjudnir, Vanir,...: Eldjudnir, Vanir
Mono Goes Metal Festival 2014: Chainsaw Fisting,...: Mono Goes Metal Festival 2014: Chainsaw Fisting,...
Glorior Belli , Impalers, Huldre
Die, Disintegrated, Abscission
Corpus Mortale, Altar of Oblivion, Die, Fossils, Ironguard, Battery
Spectral Mortuary, Cold Night for Alligators
Boil, Errorgod
Fairytale Abuse
1994Revisited, Curb - Monorama - 6. februar 2009
Scamp, CroCell, Die, Pariah Syndicate, Errorgod, All Trays For Venom