Grave Digger - Guitarist Thilo Herrmann forlader bandet

Grave Digger - Guitarist Thilo Herrmann forlader bandet

Grave Digger har lagt følgende update ud på nettet:

"We are very sad to inform you that we have separated from Thilo Herrmann. After all the euphoria about the second guitarist in the beginning, first doubts regarding the current situation of the band started showing up bit by bit.

There were many different things, starting with the free room on the stage and going on to musical aspects, that have been observed by every old member of the band independently and which finally made us feel that we would have to separate from Thilo. This decision has been made by common consent and on behalf of the whole band. It does not have to do with any interpersonal problems or the like. In fact we took it very hard to separate from that really nice guy that Thilo is.

Grave Digger has been a well-attuned team for a very long time and according to expectations it's hard for a new musician to become integrated. Where previously a well practised team performed on the stage we were not able to pal up to a sixth man.

As for Thilo we wish him all the best for his musical and private future."

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