Stream det nye album fra Slowmotion Apocalypse

Stream det nye album fra Slowmotion Apocalypse

Det italianske metal band Slowmotion Apocalypse har lagt deres helt nye album "Mothra" ud til fri streaming på deres MySpace side. Men kun frem til d. 5 december.

Bandet siger selv om det nye album: "'Mothra' represents a new step in our life as a band, a new shape for both our sound and our songwriting and it's our most sick and experimental album so far. It will surprise you!"

"Mothra" trackliste:

01. Caterpillar 02. Forever, Works Just In Songs 03. In Full View of Heaven 04. Me, Kate and Other Bastard Sons of My Generation 05. Stash 06. What a Rockin' Heavy Metal Get-Up, Dude! 07. Dim Shape in a Black Hole Life 08. Gamera Part. 1: Death Worship Era 09. Gamera Part. 2: The So Called Northern Half 10. Haiku

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